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A homage to the Greek Pantheon, the Archive Sunday team is thrilled to present the OLYMPIAN AESTHETIC. A beautiful blend of marble statues and Mediterranean vistas in deep blues, greys, and ivory. Fans of the gods and goddesses will recognize flashes of lightning, ancient helmets and armor, the flashing casino lights of Vegas, and the famous entrance to the underworld under the Hollywood sign. A perfect gift for a lightning thief, daughter of Athena, or connoisseur of Grecian beauty, this collage kit can transform any space into a peaceful oasis fit for a demigod. 

This kit comes in two sizes:


A full size kit that contains 9premium 8.5"x11" (22x28cm) posters, printed on matte premium cardstock. That's 58.4 sq. ft (5.5 square meters). Laid out in nine rows of ten images each, it would be 7'1"x8' 3" (220x252 cm). The kit also includes a minimum of ten recycled book pages.

MINI KIT (30 Pieces)

A 30 piece kit that contains a sampling of 30 images from the original wall kit. This is different from an extension pack; the images are selected from those included in the larger collage wall and will contain duplicates if you buy the two kits together. 

This mini kit contains 30 premium 8.5"x11" (22x28cm) posters, printed on matte premium cardstock. That's approximately 19 sq. ft (1.8 square meters)- enough to cover a section of your dorm, office, bedroom, or classroom.  If laid out flat in 5 rows of 6 images each, it would be 4'3"x4'7" (132x140 cm). The kit also contains a minimum of 5 recycled book pages to display alongside the kit.


    How are the posters printed?

    Each poster is professionally printed on 8.5 x 11 deluxe matte cardstock paper. This means that the posters are of a good, thick quality that holds up well against the wear-and-tear of being taken down, moved around and adjusted according to your mood and preference. We partner with a local printing shop in the mountains of Salt Lake City to ensure that each kit is produced to the highest quality standards in terms of color, contrast, tone and crispness.

    What adhesive should I use?

    Every wall is different and almost every adhesive tape can be used. We recommend using a loop of clear scotch tape or blue painters tape on each corner; for rougher surfaces, like a popcorn finish or stone wall, we’d suggest tacky mounting squares that can be purchased at any local convenience store.

    Can I combine two kits?

    We definitely encourage you to mix and match your kits! Add in your own favorite pictures, polaroids, ticket stubs, artwork, sketches, love letters and anything else that sparks joy. We have seen our kits displayed beautifully blended together or in a fade from one aesthetic to another! Get creative and have fun; it’s your space, you can decorate it in whatever way makes you the happiest. For suggestions or inspiration, we recommend following our Tik Tok, Instagram or Pinterest, where we share plenty of images and videos to give you inspiration. 

    How fast do they ship?

    We utilize First-Class Mail First Class Package Service with 2-3 day priority shipping. All orders are processed within 2-3 days time while we compile the recycled pages, pack your kit and process your order. Once your package has shipped, we will send you an email notification with tracking information. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in the shipment of your order we will contact you directly via email or text. 

    Can Archive Sunday add in pictures of my favorite characters?

    Our collage kits are designed to provide your home with a classic, completely timeless piece of art that is beautiful in and out of the context of the story it was inspired by.  We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated with Warner Brother Pictures, the Walt Disney Company, or any other actor or entity that portrays the characters you love. As graphic designers and photographers, we take pride in making sure that we have the proper legal licensing and ownership of every single graphic and photo that we sell. As a result, every single graphic in these kits was created by one of our artists or is an image for which we’ve secured the distribution rights and modified to make our own. However, we are happy to make whatever accommodations we can in our selection of recycled pages-- please send us an email at info@archivesunday.com for these types of requests.

    Can you create me a custom kit?

    We are not able to offer custom designs, HOWEVER, we release a brand new collection or product every Sunday night. So, if you have a request or a suggestion, PLEASE reach out to us! We record every single suggestion, email or comment and absolutely love to hear from you. Please send us an email at info@archivesunday.com if you have an inquiry!

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    I’ve already told all my friends about this perfection and they’re all buying soon! Amazing work

    I’m in love!!

    The pictures were amazing and are great quality! I loved all the packaging as well.

    Olympian Aesthetic Kit

    Absolutely amazing! Was a gift for my sister and she couldn’t wait to hang them up. Will definitely be ordering again when they release more expansions for this collection!


    its awesome!! so cute!