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VERY satisfied

i love this collage kit! as soon as i saw it on tiktok i counted down the days so i can buy it! it filled my door and it fullfilled my ravenclaw and athena heart. i liked how it perfectly fitted along my ravenclaw wall already. i added photos on how it filled my wall then i added a third photo on how it mixed well with the clever aesthetic!!

Slytherin Queen dream

Came extremely quickly, the both Spotify playlist are my new staples. Only one came ripped but my book life came true. Will be adding to it soon.💚💚💚💚 p.s. you can tell I love green


I absolutely adore the Boho collage, it perfectly expresses who I am. I used to be ashamed of my room, because I could never put my taste into perspective. This collage makes my room look stellar! 🤍🤍🤍

Absolutely amazing!

This set really upgraded my room! The pictures are such high quality and creative. Plus, the packaging was so organized and cute! I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and the black and white is so classy, so it was the perfect thing! I highly recommend getting it!

Hallways don’t have to be just for pictures of you

I never knew what to do with my Hallway until archive Sunday now my halwway isn’t just a white blank hallway because I didn’t want 20k pictures of myself in my house and I’m in love can’t wait to get the Athena expansion to make it complete

Never going back to contact paper

We had contact paper up since we can’t paint our house and putting this up made me so happy and turned my house into a real home and I love how easy I can change how it looks when I get board and just mix up the design in love

Looks amazing

We put them above the bedside table mine and my husbands sign on our corresponding side using putty and they stay up amazingly and look gorgeous and are such a great quality we love how easy we can take them down without damaging anything for when we move 20/10 would recommend

Bedside enhancing

We put them above the bedside table using putty and they stay up amazingly and look gorgeous and are such a great quality we love how easy we can take them down without damaging anything for when we move 20/10 would recommend

So cute

Love all the pictures I was given. They all match the same aesthetic very well and are all such cute and cool pictures individually.

Such a fun way to spice up any room

I originally bought this inspired by tiktok and wanted to make working from home more interesting. The earth elements in this kit are so calming and relaxing. They were super easy to put on my wall, I used painters tape and none have fallen. And it was such a fun touch to that spotify codes were added so you can jam out while decorating. Will be purchasing again

I absolutely love it! It is such good quality and looks so good in my room!

Phenomenal, gorgeous, and SUCH a VIBE

I knew I would love the collages from Archive Sunday, and I am SO impressed by the quality of the images. There were some quotes in the smaller kits that I wish were included in the large kit but other than that -- FANTASTIC.
The largest challenge was figuring out how to affix it to the walls - we live in a rented townhouse with textured walls. We found that - after wiping the walls down with a slightly damp towel - mounting squares on four corners and in the center worked best and having the top corners reinforced with the EZlifego Wall Tape from Amazon worked best for us. I bought this kit as well as boho (for behind my piano) and the clever aesthetic for my office (gotta have a good background for zoom meetings lol). Obsessed with this and will endlessly keep sharing A.S. with other friends of mine.


I got the Boho and the Ambition mini kits. They blended well together. The one thing I wish I knew was what I was getting from the Boho mini kit. Like, the Ambition mini kit shows which 30, I did not see that with the Boho so it was like a surprise—was kinda hard envisioning which 30 I was gonna get and if it would blend at all with the Ambition kit. BUTTTT, all worked out in the end and I love it! Super nice quality and detailed instructions. I hung up the papers with painters tape and stuck and removed each like ten times trying to plan the collage perfectly, without any damage to the paper/image.

Dark Wizard Expansion Pack

I LOVED IT! It’s So Beautiful & I just love the aesthetic! I’m so glad I bought this! I would definitely recommend buying this! Can’t wait to buy another one in the future!

Perfect Fit

As a plus size women (20) finding skirts in my size that fit just right is almost impossible especially with online companies and small businesses. The fit of this skirt is just right. And I absolutely love the button style. Definitely planning to buy more!


Got this for my living room. It looks freaking awesome!!!!

My new streaming background

I absolutely love this collection. I paired it with the mini kit and dark wizard atheistic kits. Although some pictures were duplicates, there were plenty of variety, and I have enough pictures left over to so my bedroom as well. The wall is slanted because of the angle my web cam is. It's also all done on a cardboard background because there is window behind there and it made the uneven.
Cutting the pictures to size was easy.

I absolutely love how my room looks with this. The pictures are great quality and I totally recommend it.

Love it

After seeing this on the website for awhile, I got it as an early birthday gift for myself. I spent a few hours putting it up just how I wanted it. I love it so much that I’ve shown it off to my family, friends, and coworkers. It adds so much character to my room.

Absolutely Amazing

It is so pretty and it looks so good on my wall I definitely recommend buying this!! I am looking forward to buying more collages from them! They do a wonderful job!!!


I’ve already told all my friends about this perfection and they’re all buying soon! Amazing work


Oh my gosh words cannot describe how amazing this company is. I had posted earlier on that I purchased the collages and how they all fell off my walls and they became damaged which broke my heart. After writing my review, the company reached out (Brighton, you are amazing!) to me and completely replaced my purchase free of charge AND gave me recommendations for keeping up the pictures on my wall. For those of you who are on the fence about buying ANYTHING from here.....DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! You will not regret it!!!


I got this for my four year old who loves princesses. She is obsessed and can easily trace every picture to the princess theme/ specific movie. I also feel like it will grow with her as the pictures included aren’t cartoons/ official Disney. They are beautiful real scenery pictures that she will probably like for years to come. They are also very nice quality and when I had an issue with delivery the customer service was right on top of it. Definitely worth the price!


I received my package fast and the photos are great quality! Can’t wait to order more 😁

Very beautiful

Amazing i love my wall